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Group Overview

Master… The Masters at Work!

Born in 1963 with a modern realistic and growing innovative technology…

Master Group… All initiated with glaring task of quality manufacturing…

Master always gives credit to determination and vigor … To amplify steadily in novel scope towards new possibilities… And proves it by diversifying their working area which, comprises of Foam, Textile and Engineering Industries.

Master realizes that mutual trust between management and employees is essential to procure par excellence…

Master’s foremost priority is the clientele… Regarding that it’s the user of their products or services who will determine their success!

Master Group has served the nation with their innovative products and ideas… With the promise… In excellence of quality products… And Committed to keep it always!

The group of Industries comprises of…

  • Master Enterprises (Pvt) Limited             (1963)
  • Master Chemicals (Pvt) Limited               (1984)
  • Durafoam (Pvt) Limited                           (1988)
  • Procon Engineering (Pvt) Limited            (1988)
  • Master Polymer Industries Limited          (1989)
  • Master Textiles Limited                           (1992)
  • Master Auto Engineering (Pvt) Limited   (1996)
  • Master Foam (Pvt) Limited                      (1998)
  • Master Offisys (Pv.) Limited                   (2000)

Master Enterprises (pvt) Ltd.
Master Chemical (Pvt) Ltd.
Procon Engineering (pvt) Ltd.
Master Textile Ltd.
Master Motor Corporation Ltd.
Master Polymer Industries Ltd.
Durafoam (Pvt.) Limited.
Master Foam (Pvt.) Limited.
Master OffiSys (Pvt.) Limited.
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