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 Master Thermoshield Polyurethane Insulation Board

Polyurethane Sheets

Master Chemicals Ltd also produce Master Thermoshield Polyurethane sheets which are made of the high-quality PU insulating material. These polyurethane sheets offer a tailor-made filling for doors panels, plastic roofs, cold storages etc.At present we can deliver sheets in the size 2 ft x 4 ft in 1 & 2 inch thicknesses.

Various Applications

Master Thermoshield Polyurethane sheets are highly suited to use in the plastics industry and the panel-making industry. These sheets can be easily glued along with other materials such as wood, steel and aluminium and have an excellent adhesion to fibreglass. In the panel-making industry the insulation panels are used in panels for refrigerated transport, refrigeration containers, insulating walls, wall panels, doors and window frames. In the plastics industry they are used as the core materials in polyester boats, roofs, roof edges and dormer windows. They are also used in the automobile industry.


Master Thermoshield Polyurethane sheets are easy to use in any position and to glue to various other materials. The lightweight sheets have a fine, closed cell structure with an exceptionally high insulating value.The material is resistant to weak acids and alkalis, oils and fats and petrol and other hydrocarbon substances such as styrene. As a consequence it is also very well suited to applications in combination with, for instance, fibreglass products.

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