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 What is PU Foam?

Polyurethanes are a class of extremely versatile polymers that are made into flexible and rigid foams, fibres, elastomers, and surface coatings.

Spray polyurethane foam, commonly referred to as SPF, is a spray-applied insulating foam plastic that is produced by combining two low viscosity liquids. When these liquids are mixed together, they react in seconds and expand to about 30 times their original volume. Once cured it solidifies and becomes polyurethane foam which is very light with 95% closed cell structure and durable solid polymer.

SPF which we offer as Master Thermoshield is a versatile energy efficient material that is used to provide many solutions for the building and construction industry. With Master Thermoshield you get what you pay for. You get performance, sustainability and combined characteristics no other building products can offer by themselves. SPF is used to seal the entire "building envelope" of a house to prevent air and moisture infiltration.

Where Polyurethane Is Used

  • Because a variety of diisocyanates and a wide range of polyols can be used to produce polyurethane, a broad spectrum of materials can be produced to meet the needs of specific applications.
  • Most polyurethanes are thermoset materials; they cannot be melted and reshaped as thermoplastic materials can be.
  • Polyurethanes exist in a variety of forms including flexible foams, rigid foams, chemical-resistant coatings, specialty adhesives and sealants, and elastomers.
  • Rigid polyurethane foams are used as insulation for buildings, water heaters, refrigerated transport, and commercial and residential refrigeration. These foams are also used for floatation and for energy management.
  • Flexible polyurethane foams are used as cushioning for carpet and in upholstered furniture, mattresses, and automobiles. They are also used for packaging.
  • Polyurethane adhesives and sealants are used in construction, transportation, marine, and other applications where their high strength, moisture resistance and durability are required.
  • The term "polyurethane elastomers" includes such diverse products as thermoplastic polyurethane, cast elastomers and Reaction Injection Molded (RIM) products. These materials go into a wide variety of applications from footwear and skate wheels to machinery housings, to athletic tracks to electronic media.

Other Applications of Polyurethane Foam

The applications and benefits that polyurethane foam provides are numerous.

The largest use for rigid polyurethane foam is in construction and industrial insulation due to its high insulating property, strength, moisture resistance and durability. This includes insulation for buildings, pipes and tanks, cold storage facilities, freezers, water heaters, refrigerated transport, commercial and residential refrigeration & floatation for boats, ships, barges, floating docks etc.

Polyurethane foams are also used in the automotive industry for items such as bumpers, steering wheels, instrument panels, body panels, packaging, furniture, adhesives, coatings, architectural design, Footwear and cavity filling.

More Info

Spray Polyurethane is the High-Tech insulation material with lowest "K" Value per thickness of any readily available insulation material used in residential construction. The K Value means Thermal Conductivity Value and the lower it is, the superior is the insulation material. It is applied by spraying the material which becomes rigid in less than a minute. Sprayed-in-place Polyurethane is a self-adhering, seamless, closed cell foam with excellent compressive strength. It can be tapered to improve water drainage on an existing roof, eliminating the detrimental effect of standing water.

The versatility and performance of a seamless sprayed-in-place Polyurethane system makes it a practical and economical solution for many applications. It provides a seamless weather barrier when utilized as a roofing system and permits wall insulation. As self-adhering, light weight seamless insulation, it does cover a variety of substrates. The direct adhesion to the various component surfaces (including concrete, wood, metal, plastic, concentrate and others) creates a monolithic unit that gains substantial strength. It forms up to fill cavities completely bonding the various elements together for rigidity and stiffness. The resulting envelope of insulation offers lower K-Value and air infiltration resistance.

Formed by reactive components in the presence of other additives, Seamless Polyurethane foam is a rigid closed cell insulation. The superior insulation and air-seal characteristics provide the owner with a long-term value based on permanent reduction of cost of energy. Worth over 25 years of application, this product has been successfully field-proven time and time again. As a purchaser, you are making a sound decision in selecting Master Thermoshield Polyurethane Spray Roof Insulation system.

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