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Master Thermoshield Extruded Polystyrene Insulation Board
What exactly is an insulating system

All insulating products are based on a single basic principle i.e. Heat moves from warmer to colder areas. On cold days, warm air from inside tries to get out. On warm days, the hot air outside is trying to get in. Insulation restricts this process.

Need for Thermal Insulation

Increasing energy costs and availability problems emphasize the need for immediate engery conservation. Builders, architects and code officials alike are constantly looking for ways to adopt practices that lead to energy efficient and moisture resistant buildings for people who deserve a comfortable living and working environments. An active way of saving energy is to improve the thermal insulation of buildings. This is particularly important in hot climates where the energy demand for cooling by air-conditioning is very high. Insulation should therefore be viewed as a long term investment as it can reduce heating and cooling bills. It reduces energy loss in buildings and helps lower utility bills. In addition to the need for energy saving, high insulation standards are justified by improved comfort levels and increased building life. A well insulated building will have a higher value.

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